Michael Trinham

Michael has spent over thirty years in various Church Ministries across Australia.

Graduated from The Alliance College of Theology Canberra, A.C.T. with a Licentiate of Theology Degree and Scholar of Theology Degree.  He was ordained to the Gospel Ministry by the Christian & Missionary Alliance and spent sixteen years in ministry as a credentialed Alliance Pastor.

After completing post-graduate studies with Trinity Theological Seminary (U.S.),
he earned the Master of Divinity Degree in 1988.

In latter years he spent some time in various Pentecostal Churches taking several minor positions in teaching roles there
without real unanimity with some of their doctrines.

Observing the slide away from truth by most of the Denominational Churches, Fundamental, Charismatic, and Pentecostal alike,  he believed God was opening the way for him to investigate the causes and characteristics of this phenomenon.

With a desire to provide a place of worship, teaching and fellowship for his family and a few friends,  the Waterford Christian Fellowship was begun in a shop-front at Waterford, behind a Service Station.

The group moved to the Waterford Primary School  meeting there for some (10) years after which it was decided to move the fellowship and worship service to his son and daughter in law's home at Bethania, where they currently meet.
Contact No. 07 3805 8373, preferably email michael@waypoint.org.au

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