What Do I Do Now?

1. Let us know through the Feedback page on this site.  We will pray for your well-being and for your future.

2. Find us, or find a church that believes and teaches that the Bible is Godís Word preserved for us today without error.  Not so easy these days but if you contact us we will do our best to help you make a start in this direction.

3. Get yourself a King James Bible and a good English Dictionary and begin to read the Bible through as many times as you can before you die.  Start with Matthew's Gospel and read through until you get back to the place you started.  Read the hard bits along with the easy and donít worry if you do not understand it all.  That is what is so good about it,  if you do this you will read it for fifty years as I have and still find new and amazing things in it.

4. Start talking to God, your Father, on a regular basis.  Talk in your mind, or when you are alone audibly.  Talk to Him about the things you need and the things you can do without.  Ask Him questions, you will be surprised where the answers pop up from. Talk to Him for other people who are worse off than you and you will often be surprised what He does for them just because now youíre His child and He wants to do things for them to please you.  (Donít be too disappointed when you donít get everything, or when you donít get it straight away.  He is our Father, not a "Sugar Daddy".)

5. Tell others about Jesus once you understand what it is that He has done for you.  I have been doing that for over forty years now and nothing gives me a greater "buzz"  than when I hear of someone taking my advice to receive Jesus too.  So please email me and let me know if you prayed to receive Jesus as your Saviour and Lord and we will pray for you too. ------- Pastor Michael

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