About Us

Waypoint is designed and sponsored by the Bethania Christian Fellowship (Brisbane, Australia). We are a group of followers of Jesus Christ who have separated ourselves from the modern trend toward  the One World Church and, ultimately, Rome.  We believe that the biblical unity of the brethren is a beautiful thing. We do not, however, equate that unity with the move to embrace those who desire to set aside sound doctrine in order to be united with the wide river of Christendom.  Many people today are religious Christians and committed to the Christian religion.  These are different to those of us who are committed to Jesus Christ and His Word before all other earthly liaisons.  We are committed to supporting the scriptural injunction that we Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching Heb 10:25.  We have found through hard experience, that not all believers are assembling themselves under God's truth.

We believe that the Bible, as found essentially in the documents classified as the Textus Receptus and translated into English in the King James Bible, comprise the Word of God today.  It is our final authority and all that we believe and teach is firmly anchored to that belief.

Our distinctive doctrine is detailed in our Statement of Faith and Doctrine.

There are many interpretations of the Bible. There is only one that is accurate and true in relation to any given passage or text. We believe that we are right more often than not in our interpretation of God's Word.  Most people who take it seriously think that of their own interpretations.

However it cannot be denied that though there are a great many sincere seekers of truth, who "give it their best shot",  many are in disagreement with each other on many important issues.  Often in recent times we have discovered the need to adjust our thinking in line with a new and better understanding of God's Word.  The process is continuing and to some extent the pages of Waypoint will provide a forum for interaction with those who are also interested in finding and following truth.  On the other hand, we could not possibly cope with handling the volume of work that would be necessary to answer all individual theological questions in depth. We will endeavour to do our best to answer the key challenges on our FAQ page. Those who respond through our email to michael@waypoint.org.au we will endeavour to answer ASAP.  Your questions to be given serious consideration.

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